If you have been notified that your Paper, Project, Field Note, or Video has been selected for presentation or exhibition at the ACADIA 2021 conference, please check your email for a message from the Conference Chairs with complete instructions and deadlines for submitting final work. If for some reason you cannot access the Google Form interface to submit your work, please email the conference chairs at

For those authors preparing presentations for the conference, see recommendations and tips below for preparing your pre-recorded presentation. Note that all presentations for ACADIA 2021 will be pre-recorded, followed by a live, moderated panel discussion by all authors in each session.

Presentation Guidelines

To record your presentation as an .MP4 file, you can use a number of different software platforms, including Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Adobe Connect. We also recommend OBS Studio, a free and open-source recording program that allows you to record video from your screen as well as a webcam. With all of these tools, you can scroll through a prepared PDF or Powerpoint presentation while recording your verbal presentation.

We suggest recording in a quiet room with minimal background noise and interruption. Try to use a good headset or microphone to ensure optimal audio quality. Please use the title slide template provided by the Conference Chairs for the first slide in your presentation.


How to Use Zoom for Online Course Videos

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Record and Play Back Adobe Connect Meetings