Publication of ACADIA 2021 ‘Realignments: Toward Critical Computation’ Proceedings

ACADIA is pleased to announce the publication of the ACADIA 2021 conference proceedings, Realignments: Toward Critical Computation. The proceedings are organized in a single volume and document all technical papers, projects, field notes, keynote conversations, awards, workshops, and ACADIA’s 40th anniversary event. The publication was edited by the conference chairs Kathrin Dörfler, Stefana Parascho, Jane Scott, Biayna Bogosian, Behnaz Farahi, June Grant, Jose Luis García del Castillo y López, and Vernelle A.A. Noel.

Realignments: Toward Critical Computation is available as a PDF for free download. It can also be found here with all previous conference proceedings at

Thank you for your patience while we navigated a second online conference with the guidance of the ACADIA President Jenny Sabin, Vice-President Kathy Velikov, and the ACADIA Board of Directors.

Book cover and graphic design by Ian Besler.

Print copies are available for purchase on Amazon.